Monday, December 28, 2009

knitting woes.....

I love knitting and crocheting. I love making things for other people. But people have made it not very fun for me. Why is it that when someone learns that you can do this craft assumes that you have the time, money or even the wish to make them something??? At my mom's birthday party, a Friend of my mother saw a scarf that I had made and told her 11 year old daughter, Stephanie knows how to knit, she can make you a hat. What? I see you less than once a year and you are volunteering me to make your kid a hat? My aunt will find a pattern and email it to me wanting me to make it. I'm not made of money, you want to go buy the yarn. Then yesterday at a family dinner, I was giving my niece the scarf that I made her to match her hat and mittens, and my entire family started telling me the colors they wanted for scarves and mittens. Now, I don't mind making things for other people, in fact most things I make are for other people, I rarely make anything for myself. Every time someone asks/assumes I'll make them something, I have started quoting a price or telling them I'll teach them to knit. I told my family yesterday that I would charge $12 a pair of mittens, they all thought I was ridiculous. Well, handmade costs more, get over it. I will continue to knit for others, just what and when I want to!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Great weekend!!!

Here's Paige in her baby surprise sweater I made for her!! She was so snuggly in it!

Here's my mommy and my aunt at my mom's 50th birthday party yesterday!!! My mom is the one on the right, my aunt Kim is on the left, she's not too far behind!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

busy, busy, busy....

What a terrible blogger I am, I haven't posted in FOREVER!!! I just finished a baby surprise jacket for a teacher at school for her first grandchild. I didn't enjoy it and didn't have fun with it, however, I did try a ruffled cuff and I learned from that.

I am almost finished, like will be shortly after I finish this blog for my spoilee's handmade item. I'm about ready to send it with my owlie for delivery.

I can't stay long, I must go, my beloved college football team is playing the Division II national championship semifinals. GO BEARCATS!!!!