Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Current projects

About 2 weeks ago, we welcomed a new baby girl into our family! My younger brother and his wife had their second daughter, Brooklyn! I had started a Chevron Baby Blanket for her before she was born, but got sidetracked with a pair of socks for a swap I participated it. More on that later! I finished the socks about a week ago and have been working on this blanket. I'm loving the way it is turning out!

This first photo is from Saturday morning, I started somewhere in the middle of the second grey stripe!

This second photo is from Sunday afternoon, I got a little farther than this photo that evening!

And this is from last night! I have at lease one more repeat to go, grey, lavender, grey, teal, then ending in grey again. Though, I may go for 2 more repeats of the 4 stripes!

 I am really loving the way this is turning out!! I hope her mommy loves it too!