Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stig arrived today!!!

I received seriously the BEST.PACKAGE.EVER from Clara today via her owl Stig!!!!! It was heavy and there were lots of little packages jam packed in it! I can't even begin to describe it all and give the proper credit to Clara!

Here is Bella, my dark arts detector at work. She checked everything very well!

As you can see, it all must have been ok because now she's taking a nap!

Here is a picture of everything, I will detail what was in it at the end!

And a package for our baby!! How thoughtful!

This is the cute little package for our little one. Jackson will love them! I love the socks and the hat and can't wait to use them, but that owl bib is just something else! I just fell completely in love with it! I can't wait until he is here and can use these for him!

Here is a list of what was in my package, I'm going to copy from the list Clara sent me because I don't want to forget anything!!!

Personalized Gryffindor Stationary

A journal

2 pens, one a Gryff red and one purple, my favorite color

2 packages in Bernie Botts Beans in my favorite flavors!

Hermione Cable and Eyelet hat - which I love and can't wait to where this winter!

Cable and eyelet ipod holder

2 owl barrettes - one is in my hair right now

Gryffindor book mark

Gryffindor Chainmail bracelet and a Gryffindor beaded bracelet

Stitch markers - Hermione, SPEW and NCIS themed!

Gryffindor baby socks and hat!!!

Gryffindor Owl bib

2 skeins of Claudia hand painted fingering weight yarn - absolutely beautiful

1 skein of STR lightweight sock yarn - will make a gorgeous pair of socks

Tales of Beedle the Bard pattern book - this is so cool!

Gryffindor/SPEW project sized bag!!!

This is seriously one of the best packages ever! I have been so spoiled by Clara, I CANNOT thank you enough for this wonderful package!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Almost ready....

I am almost ready to send Winifred her package! My owl is getting all rested and should be out sometime this week, he is very excited to be heading out on a fun trip! My dark arts detector, Bella, is checking everything over to make sure that everything is good to go!