Friday, May 30, 2008


I have had a pretty lazy week this week!

I had class, eh, boring, five hours in a seat hurts the back.

Then Wednesday I sat in my OB-GYN office getting a glucose test. I got poked 4 times because she couldn't find a vein. The nurse took my fasting blood, no problem. Then gave me the colored sugar water to drink. She said come back in 2 hours and don't eat anything and if you drink, only drink water. Well then after 2 hours, she took my blood again. She went to the same vein, couldn't find it. She then fussed at me for not drinking anything. She didn't tell me I had to drink water, just only drink water. I'm a big water drinker anyway, I usually don't have any problems. Well, she finally got the second vial of blood after poking me 3 times to get a vein. She then tells me no news is good news. I'm having this done so that I can be put on medication to boost ovulation. I said, I need a call so I know what the next step is! I don't think she had any clue as to why I was there.

Oh, and I went to my knitting group Wednesday too!

Thursday - I had a meeting at school for summer school. I only had one class make, so I'm teaching in the morning and then working on curriculum in the afternoon.

Today, I'm doing NOTHING!!! Just me and the dog sitting on the couch. I suppose I need to go to the store, the hubs needs dinner tonight.

Got my current Praxis scores, I took the Biology test in April to obtain additional certification. I didn't pass, I missed my 20 points. I don't know how its scored, but I'm not to upset, I haven't had a biology class in ten years.

I also got the results from my blood test. Everything normal. I start my medication to help me ovulate. We can make a baby!

Quidditch Round 1

1. Which of Arabella Figg's cats ran out from under the car?
a. Tibbles

2. Which of the following is NOT one of Albus Dumbledore's middle names?
a. Ignatius

3. Which educational decree introduced a High Inquisitor to Hogwarts?
d. 23

4. Apart from Harry, Ron and Hermione, who was the first person to enter the Hog's Head that showed an interest in Harry's Defence Against the Dark Arts classes?
Neville Longbottom

5. In the first Quidditch match of the year which player attempted to score first?
a. Angelina Johnson

6. What kind of bush does Harry hide behind to listen to the news?
b. A hydrangea bush

7. Why is Mundungus Fletcher disguised as a woman when he witnesses the DA (Dumbledore's Army) meeting in the Hog's Head pub?
b. He was banned from the Hog’s Head pub 20 years ago.

8. When Harry and Cho go on their first date to Madam Puddifoot's in Hogsmeade, what is it decorated with for Valentine's Day?
c. Golden cherubs and pink confetti

9. How old is Sturgis Podmore and where does he live?
a. 38 and number 2 Laburnum Gardens Clapham

10. What did Fred and George Weasley do to Montague?
a. Forced him head-first into a Vanishing Cabinet on the first floor

Monday, May 26, 2008

Nothing to watch...

So I thought I'd spend a few days just being lazy, watching tv and knitting. DAYTIME TV SUCKS!!!! I don't know how people stay home all day and watch tv. I know people who do this! Soaps are boring, I don't want to watch the same depressing news hour after hour and I've seen most episodes of the shows that I do watch. The movie channels show the same movies over and over! I guess that's my motivation to get my butt moving!

I have gotten a BSJ 2/3 finished since yesterday. I'm making one for the future baby in my life! We are in the process of working on a baby. I'm hoping that getting started on some stuff would be like a lucky penny!

It's been raining or extremely muggy all weekend. My allergies and asthma just can't handle this kind of weather, so I have to stay inside. It has been nice to spend the weekend with just the hubs and pups. My puppy Bella has been doing so good. She's learning tricks and we've figured out the peeing the bed issue.

We went to see the Indiana Jones movie on Saturday night. We went to the drive in. It was a pretty good movie. A little out there for the series, but it did tie up some loose ends. I love the series anyway, so that was fun to go. And we love the drive-in. We take our dinner and camp out in the back of out SUV.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Slytherin House Quiz #1

1. 6
2. Sirius' mother, Walburga Black
3. Grawp
4. Mundungus Fletcher
5. Arabella Figg
6. Jr. Assistant to the Minister of Magic
7. She's an unregistered animagi, Rita's a beetle
8. Phineas Nigelis Black
9. Dobby showed Harry where it was. He takes Winky there to sober up. Dumbledore found it first.
10. The Hog's Head.

Schools out for summer!!!!

As of today, I am officially on summer break! I don't HAVE to go back to school until August 11! I can't believe my first year is already over. It's been a great learning year and I do truly love my job, but I was so needing a break!

I'm possbily teaching summer school, so I'll be back next week. That's 4 weeks long. I have a conference next weekend. Then I have about a week off, then I go on a mini vacation with my mom and grandma. Then about another week off and I go to a conference for school for about a week. Then I am going on a girls only trip with my mom, sister and niece, we are giong to take her to the American Girl Place in Chicago. She informed us that at 5, she IS big enough for an American Girl doll, a big one. She has the Bitty Baby, but wants a big one. So that's my summer! It only gets busier I'm afraid.

We found out this morning that our puppy has worms, the hubs took her out this morning and noticed them. So we have a vet appointment for tomorrow morning. She's been a really good puppy so far, with one exception. This week she has started peeing the bed. She has not had any other potty problems, she has been doing very good on her potty training and telling us she had to go. But since Monday she'll just be laying in bed and pee where she's laying. Only in the bedroom. Last night was the test night. I laid her on a blanket that was folded so if she did it again, it wouldn't go through to the mattress topper. She didn't wet last night. I don't know what her problem is. Maybe it was just a fluke thing and she won't do it anymore. I called the vet and they said that it was probably a behavior problem due to her age.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Princess graduates preschool...

So the Princess graduated from preschool! It was a very long and very boring ceremony, but being the great aunt that I am, I enjoyed every minute of it! I think that she had the most family there of all of the preschoolers. Now I worked in a preschool and I understand how important it is to the kiddos.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Defying Gravity...

Well, I had a very busy weekend. My brother-in-law graduated from CMSU (I know it's now UCM, I just can't bring myself to call it that yet!) So my mom and I went to that and to his party. I think his mom was drunk, my sister says that's the way she always acts! She actually walked the recessional with him. The crazy woman didn't even go to his high school graduation, but had to get her way for this one. Then we went to another party for a family friend. It was not very exciting, we ended up leaving because I didn't feel good. That suited my parents just fine!

Sunday night my grandmother took my mom, my sister and I to see Wicked. In the language of my muggle students, OMG!!!! This was an awesome musical. I want to see it again, I had to buy the soundtrack from iTunes last night. I so wanted the hoodie, but I wasn't spending $65 on it. My sister and I are digitizing the logo and making our own. The music, the stage design, the acting were all absolutely wonderful. If you get the chance, GO SEE IT!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap #5

Join up, make new friends, share some laughs (and tears) have a wonderful time and receive cool parcels by owl. I have received the best items from the last two years of this swap. I love it!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm a Slytherin!!!

I was awarded an Inter-House Unity Scholarship by the Headmistress. After spending 2 years in Ravenclaw, which I truly loved, I decided to switch, I'd like a new experience for this term. I'm soo excited for this term to start. I have had a withdrawel from all my swap emails from last term!

For my muggle job, I have 8 full days and 2 half days of school left! We pretty much just have graduation left as a major event. I just finished my 6th Masters level class, just 4 more to go then my research paper.