Friday, May 23, 2008

Schools out for summer!!!!

As of today, I am officially on summer break! I don't HAVE to go back to school until August 11! I can't believe my first year is already over. It's been a great learning year and I do truly love my job, but I was so needing a break!

I'm possbily teaching summer school, so I'll be back next week. That's 4 weeks long. I have a conference next weekend. Then I have about a week off, then I go on a mini vacation with my mom and grandma. Then about another week off and I go to a conference for school for about a week. Then I am going on a girls only trip with my mom, sister and niece, we are giong to take her to the American Girl Place in Chicago. She informed us that at 5, she IS big enough for an American Girl doll, a big one. She has the Bitty Baby, but wants a big one. So that's my summer! It only gets busier I'm afraid.

We found out this morning that our puppy has worms, the hubs took her out this morning and noticed them. So we have a vet appointment for tomorrow morning. She's been a really good puppy so far, with one exception. This week she has started peeing the bed. She has not had any other potty problems, she has been doing very good on her potty training and telling us she had to go. But since Monday she'll just be laying in bed and pee where she's laying. Only in the bedroom. Last night was the test night. I laid her on a blanket that was folded so if she did it again, it wouldn't go through to the mattress topper. She didn't wet last night. I don't know what her problem is. Maybe it was just a fluke thing and she won't do it anymore. I called the vet and they said that it was probably a behavior problem due to her age.

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