Monday, May 26, 2008

Nothing to watch...

So I thought I'd spend a few days just being lazy, watching tv and knitting. DAYTIME TV SUCKS!!!! I don't know how people stay home all day and watch tv. I know people who do this! Soaps are boring, I don't want to watch the same depressing news hour after hour and I've seen most episodes of the shows that I do watch. The movie channels show the same movies over and over! I guess that's my motivation to get my butt moving!

I have gotten a BSJ 2/3 finished since yesterday. I'm making one for the future baby in my life! We are in the process of working on a baby. I'm hoping that getting started on some stuff would be like a lucky penny!

It's been raining or extremely muggy all weekend. My allergies and asthma just can't handle this kind of weather, so I have to stay inside. It has been nice to spend the weekend with just the hubs and pups. My puppy Bella has been doing so good. She's learning tricks and we've figured out the peeing the bed issue.

We went to see the Indiana Jones movie on Saturday night. We went to the drive in. It was a pretty good movie. A little out there for the series, but it did tie up some loose ends. I love the series anyway, so that was fun to go. And we love the drive-in. We take our dinner and camp out in the back of out SUV.

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