Sunday, June 9, 2013

October mom's traveling socks! - Spoiler for sock travelers!

As I mentioned earlier, I am involved in several traveling socks. This post is for my October mom's group. If you are in this group and don't want to see your socks, keep moving, don't read anymore!

 Here are my toes, started with a bright pink, bright green, orange and red superwash sock yarn!

We are each sending stitch markers for each mom, kind of commemorating the experience! Here are the ones that I made and sent, they are a pink crystal, our babies all, well almost all, have this for a birthstone!
Here are Karen's socks that I added onto with a superwash merino in colorway of storm, I used the pattern Socks on a Plane!
Here are Holly's socks, I used Wildfoote in Lilac Desert, very soft yarn in pattern Love & Liqour!

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