Sunday, July 21, 2013

Monkey Socks for my mom

I've been working on a a pair of socks for my mom. When I started knitting socks she didn't want any, she said they'd hurt her feet. So I just had to make her a pair anyway, right?!?! Well, she loved them! They were Christmas socks. So that year she put them away with her decorations. And has never been able to find them again. I've always teased her that I wasn't making her another pair. Well, she saw my sock yarn stash (part of it anyway) and asked if she could have a pair out of this very bright (not her style( yarn. So onto the needles it went, I'm making her a pair of CookieA's Monkey Socks. She has seen them so far and loves them! Here is an in progress pi to, I think I'm going to knit one more repeat then start the heals!

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