Friday, October 24, 2008

aahhh......parent-teacher conferences.....

The joy of parent-teacher conferences. I really do love speaking to parents. I just wish that more parents would attend. The majority of the parents that I saw have students who are making 85% or better in my class. I did get one of the parents that I have really been trying to get in touch with.

But, because we spent time Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon and night with conferences, we have today OFF. HOORAY, I get to sleep in! Not. I was only able to sleep in about an extra hour. :-( Bummer, I was hoping to catch up on sleep. I think the hubs leaving for work got me up. But on the other hand, I get a day home alone! Just me and the pups!

I was putting my new ball winder and TinkerToy swift to use, but I kept getting it tangled. I got one made, the second one I gave up on. It's still sitting there. I might get around to it later today!!

We had my dad's 50th birthday party last Sunday, my sister and I made the cupcakes for his party. Here's a couple of pictures:



They were so fun to make. There's a beagle (our family has 4), a bulldog (our school mascot, my mom and I teach together and my dad works in the maintenance), a westie (my niece has one, she chose this one) and a yorkshire terrier (just because they were cute and quick).

OTN: I am currently working on a pair of Candy Cane socks for my mom for Christmas. I'd actually like to have them done by Thanksgiving weekend. The hubs and I are taking my parents to Trans-Siberian Orchestra for their Christmas present.


Ophelia Ballycastle said...

those are the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen! And your gift to your parents for christmas is so fabulous! I'd love to go see that! Your a really great daughter! Maybe one day my sons will be nice to me like that.

YogaKnot said...

those cupcakes look awesome. way to awesome to eat. i would love to go to the trans siberian orchestra. they are amazing. what a good daughter lol. :)