Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good news or bad news...

Well, we have good news. The hubs passed his tests for teacher certification. All he has to do now is pass his background check, which is not a problem, and have 60 hours of substitute teaching.

The bad news, this week we had our first visit with the RE. The good news for me is that the majority of his patients are just like me. That he is very confident that he can me on the right track. The bad news is for the hubs. While his count was really high, his motility and mobility are extremely low. We have to go back to the RE for a couples consultation. This has me scared. I'm afraid we are going to have very few options and can't afford many of the options that will be available. Mostly, because my health insurance will pay nothing for infertility. This is proving to be a tougher challenge than we thought.

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Hermione Bagnold said...

Congratulations on your husband's certification! That's awesome!

I'm sorry to hear that conceiving is turning out to be harder than you expected. I'm glad to hear your side of things will be easily worked on, and sincerely hope that you all will find an option for him that you can afford and isn't very complicated!