Saturday, June 7, 2008

Interesting things at school...

So I was gone to a conference for school, I took my husband with me! It was ok, but we had a great hotel room. We were also right next to a great shopping area. I bought the princess neice an American Girl backpack to take on our vacation this summer.

News at school, some of my classes for next year have changed. I was scheduled to teach out freshman required careers class again, but I have been changed to teach personal finance. It has something to do with how the district reports to the state and they needed someone who is vocationally certified. It has to do with coding. Not the most fun class to teach, but oh well. It just means more training and more conferences!!! I'm also slated to attend a national conference in December, I like traveling!! Especially when someone else is paying!

My summer school classes are both very interesting, I have one who won't speak to me and one who won't shut up!!! One week already down.

On other news, we have a new principal for next year. He's been moved from assistant to head principal, he'll do a great job. Our current principal did such a crappy job that he was asked to move to one of our middle schools as an assistant principal. He was awful, he lost all my teacher artifacts and then blamed it on me. He didn't know staff members' names. He was never in the building, when he was you had to make an appointment to see him, then he never showed for the appointment. The kids absolutely hated him. Good news is he's gone!!!

My puppy is growing so much! My sister kept her while we were gone. It was really good for her, she was able to socialize with several other dogs. She's not afraid of other dogs now, she wants to go meet them and play with them!

OTN: I am currently working on a baby afghan for our future baby. It's going to be a gift to the hubs. I'm going to knit our college logo in the middle of it. He has no idea, he thinks I'm making something for my cousin who's due any day now. I'm also working on another BSJ.

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