Saturday, June 14, 2008


Summer school is half over now. I am somewhat enjoying it. I am teaching a class that I have never taught before and I don't know the material super well. That makes it really tough. I have 2 classes and each class is 3 hours long.

I bought a new car today. My car died. Well, it's a used car. I refuse to buy a brand new one. It's not worth the depreciation. I got a silver Trailblazer. It must be the top tier on bells and whistles. There are so many buttons and knobs that it will take me a while to learn them all. It even has a dvd player in it!

While we were out, the dog chewed up some stuff. Mostly garbage, she likes boxes. But she did chew up one of my Denise needle cords. I found some of it, but not all of it. She has only gotten into a few things before, but she's also not alone by herself very often due to mine and the hubs schedules. I teach during the day and he works 3rd shift. So he gets home just after I leave.

OTN: Still working on the baby afghan for the hubs, this will be more of an ongoing project. I also am almost finished with my 8th Baby Surprise Jacket. I am on the button row and I can't decide buttons, so I refuse to finish it until I find buttons that will work. Thursday night I started Bella a sweater, it is brown and pink. I think it will be really cute when I finish it. That's what was on the Denise cord she chewed up. The hubs said I shouldn't finish it, I said that I'm going to finish it and then make her wear it all the time!!!

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