Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Monday and September.....

Boy, where has the time gone. It's already September. We are 4 weeks into school and they are already playing Christmas stuff on tv!?!?! It's Trans-Siberian Orchestra, so it's not like it's bad!!! Tickets go on sale on Friday, CAN'T WAIT TO BUY THEM!!!! This year we are taking my parents for their Christmas present. The hubs and I went last year for our anniversary and were blown away. If that's the only concert I ever go to againg, I would never complain!!! (That is, after I see Celine Dion the day before my birthday in November!!!!)

Since last term, I have been busy. I went to a conference for school. Then I went to Chicago, we took the princess niece to the American Girl Place. I highly recommend that everyone go for a meal at the American Girl Cafe. She got not one, but two dolls!!!! Here she is with her bags!!!!

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Lavender Diggory said...

Weasley huh?? Interesting!!