Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Girl fights?!

Ok, so I'm in my classroom after Advisory today and I here this big bang on the lockers out in the hall. As I am getting up, I hear it again. I run out to the hall and there are 2 girls fighting. I run back in and call for help, then run back out to see what I can do. As I open the door, the teacher across the hall is yelling at them to stop. I grab one of the girls, make her go into my room and sit down. She complies. The other girl still tries to hit at her through the other teacher and me. Luckily, neither of us were hit. We finally get the other girl into the classroom across the hall. I go into my room to talk to the girl in my room. I asked her what happened. She said that the girl was saying crap about her, so she hit her. WHAT? Mind you, I've had this student before and I have her in 2 classes this semester. She's a straight A student, can be mouthy at times, but overall a pretty good kid. I asked her if getting expelled from school was worth it. She didn't know what that meant. I explained it to her, that she would be expelled for 180 days and it would go on her permanent school record as well as a police report filed (with an almost $1700 fine). The color drained from her face.

After the administrators and school resource officer took her and the other girl to the office, we looked in the hall. There were drops of blood from the hall to my classroom and in my classroom as well as clumps of hair!

Never a boring day at my school!


Rowena Weasley said...

Oh my gosh! That is insane! I work at an elementary school as a counselor, and I am constantly amazed at what kids get themselves into. Though every now and then I get to meet a kid who didn't fight back...those are always such a pleasant surprise!

Hermione Bagnold said...

WOW!!!! What level of school do you teach at?! That's absolutely crazy!

SinKnitty said...

OMG! I got in 2 fights in High School but it was a small school and since the teachers and administrators all knew me I didn't even get the 3 day time out thing, the other girls got expelled though. I didn't start the fights though. But is that really what they do now? Holly Jeeze!
~Ophelia B (Gryffindor)