Friday, February 15, 2008

Hooray for Friday!!

I am so glad that it's Friday! Yesterday I received a loverly letter from my spoiler!!! With a Harry Potter valentine and Hermione sticker! And today on the radio I won tickets to Disney on Ice Princess Wishes, 4 tickets. And they are front row center, free from the radio!! I am going to be the coolest aunt ever! And I got 2 "special collector's edition" programs and 2 Minnie Mouse dolls! So having a really good day, I splurged and decided to get some strawberries for a snack, even though I am allergic to them! They just looked really yummy at the store! I'll just take my inhaler and cough a little!

1 comment:

Lady Felula the Forgetful said...

I'm glad you liked the Valentine! Your kit is almost let the anticipation begin! ;)

Hope the Princesses on ice was fantastic fun!