Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oh snow....Updated

So, last night I was working dinner theater with my culinary students at the muggle school where I teach. It went off without a hitch. We were a hit, the patrons loved our food. So packed up and came home. Well, then I was getting out of my muggle car at home and.....I fell in the snow. My ankle twisted underneath me. It is either broken or severly sprained. It is very swollen and I can barely move. My DH had, luckily for me, not left for work yet. I call him from the parking lot from our apartment and told him I fell and come and get me. I scared the crap out of him! He got me in the house. He put me to bed and iced me up. When I got up this morning, I couldn't even walk, so much for going to school today. DH has been wonderful. Once I got up, he got me all set up in the living room with my computer, all my knitting stuff and my homework for my class. He even served me breakfast!

Now, I prayed for a snow day yesterday! This is not how I wanted to get a day off. I can't even get to the bathroom on my own. I can't get help from DH because he just went to bed so that he can take me to the doctor this afternoon and still go to work tonight. If only I was much thinner, then he could just carry me everywhere. But he has been really wonderful taking care of me. I really hope that it's not broken, but I've had all the symptoms of a broken bone. It's very swollen and sore. When it happened I was really dizzy and nauseas(?). Well, I go to the doctor this afternoon, so we'll see what she says. Until then...

Update - 5:00pm

Ok, after 4 x-rays, I'm not broken, very happy about that. It is severly sprained, the doctor said that it could take up to 2 months to fully heal and until then, I really can't do much. And I'm scheduled to begin volleyball in 3 weeks. Oh my, what to do. I'm still very much in pain and not sure how I'm supposed to teach and stay off my feet for the next week! On the positive note, I found a new doctor that is covered under my insurance!

Thanks for all the support, I really appreciate all the thoughts!


Minerva Kwikspell said...

Oh my goodness Ferula!! I do hope you will be ok, and that your ankle is not broken! I will be sending good thoughts your way. :)


Olive Bladvak said...

Oh no! Hope you'll be back on your feet soon! Maybe Madam Pomfrey could take a look at it?

Elanor Cadogan said...

I understand your pain, I took a tumble down the basement stairs a few weeks ago. My ankle is still tender.

Enjoy the pampering.