Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hooray for Snow Days!!!!

Today marks our second snow day of the school year! We were starting to think the superintendent in charge of calling off school had been frozen to his chair! We should have had a few more, but he is retiring and doesn't want any more! But alas, I get a day off from my muggle students and get to stay home and knit all day!!

My mom has given me a mission to find radishes, in the winter! Not just any radishes, they have to be red all the way through! She lives on a farm in the middle of no where and I live in a big metropolitan area. So I get to look for these! I have tried 2 very large grocery stores and an organic foods store, no such luck. I am beginning to think that I have failed my mission! I don't know of any other specialty grocery stores in the area.


Emma Wigworthy said...

What an interesting request!! Why does your mum have such a pressing need for radishes that are red all the way through?

Madam Ferula McGonagall said...

It's for a culinary competition for our ProStart class. Their salad/appetizer dish has a ring of radishes and the picture shows a ring of white and red radishes alternating. I found purple, pink, red and white radishes! The last store that I called. It's a little hole in the wall store! Who knew!