Friday, March 28, 2008

Busy, busy week!

Sunday we attended the Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes show. It was my first Disney on Ice. We had 3rd row tickets. I can't believe how much the "crap" costs at things like that. The Flounder hat on the nieces' head came with cotton candy and cost 10 bucks. She wanted just about everything! It was lots of fun and she looked beautiful in her Easter dress.

This is my new ring!!!! I had it made for me. The stone is a lavendar sapphire. It belonged to my beloved great-grandmother. She just had this as a loose stone, it wasn't in any piece of jewelry. I sold another ring and was able to pay for the ring, the diamonds and the labor. I also bought the niece her first ring and spent a little over $7!
Continuing with my bargains, I was bought tickets for my grandmother and I to fly to Denver this summer with my mom. My mom is attending for a training for school, so the hotel is paid. We get to go and spend a few days playing around. Well, I have $400 in airline vouchers from last summer. I flew to LA for a conference. I volunteered for someone to take my seat on an overbooked flight and earned the vouchers (and 8 hours at the Denver airport!) So I called today to use those vouchers, I was able to purchase a ticket for both my grandmother and myself for $16.80!!! How cool is that??!?!?!?!
We had 3 fights at school on Thursday. I'm not sure of what really happend, but I know we had a couple of students get arrested and one was maced. I don't work at a rough school, this is really the first incident we've had this year. But we're not being given much information.
I finished another class this week. My classes are 6 weeks long, I have completed 5 now, I'm half done. I have maintained my 4.0, I'm very excited about that. I've only had a 4.0 one other time in my life, my last semester in college. I'm not the best student and I have severe test anxiety. Luckily in Masters courses, there are really no tests!!! I do have to write a paper that will end up being 35-40 pages when completed, but I have 12 already finished. I start a new one in two weeks!
I have found my new vice! Christopher Elbow chocolates. These are absolutely beautiful, so pretty you almost don't want to eat them. I'm going to buy my MIL a box for mother's day. The flavors are fantastic, I've not tried one I didn't like. This is in downtown KC, which really isn't that far from my house, just out of my normal routine. So I was near downtown the other day and bought some for my mom and I. I highly recommend these.

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Olive Bladvak said...

You've been getting some fantastic deals and bargains! Good thing, I guess that makes up for the cost of all the little extras at Disney on Ice. My mom and I used to go to Disney on Ice every year for a family event through her office. Did you have a sno-cone? I always looked forward to the sno-cones!