Saturday, March 8, 2008

What a week!

I'm so gald this week is over! It's not really been a bad week, just a long week! I spent last weekend with my niece, she is absolutely adorable.

Tuesday night I got my hubs off to work as usual and went to bed. Then he decides to call me at 2 am, he needs to go to the emergency room. Now keep in mind that I'm married to the biggest tightwad in the world! So he comes home from work and I drive him to the ER, he is in so much abdominal pain that he can't stand, can't sit, can't lay down, just can't get even remotely comfortable. Of course, he is a man and they just cannot tolerate any pain! We have no clue what is wrong at this point. After a series of x-rays and an MRI, we find out that it is a very large kidney stone. He's had them before, just not this large. It was traveling from his kidney to his bladder, that was what was causing him so much pain. After being given 5 prescriptions and 3 hours, we are sent home. We got home at 5 am, I went to bed for a few minutes, and I got up at 6 and was at work by 7. If only I'd had Hermione's time turner! I was pretty much ok on Wednesday at work, Thursday and Friday were killers! Hubs went to the urologist yesterday, the stone is believed to traveled to his bladder. If it doesn't pass within 2 weeks, it may have to be removed, possibly surgically.

Thursday I went to the podiatrist because my ankle is still giving me grief. It is very swollen and painful. After I get my weekly dose of x-rays, they decide it is not broken, but I have a ligament that is nearly torn in half and one that is severly pulled. I am in a "boot" for the next 4 weeks. The hubs has been calling me robofoot, as it looks like I have a robot foot! I was telling this to my muggle students, so they are now calling me Mrs. Robofoot! Gotta love them!

Then the final stresser of the week, my buikding principal had to observe me yesterday, I'm not really made nervous by him, I just was nervous because the class he chose to observe is not necessarily my best class. They get distracted very easily. Oh well, life goes on!

It's gotten a bit cold here in my muggle city. It even snowed a bit yesterday! I love snow. Too bad it didn't stick. I get a lazy weekend, I plan on knitting the whole weekend. I might get a few video games in there too!

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