Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Break....Yeah!!!

Now don't get me wrong. I absolutely love my job as a teacher. But I really needed a break! I'm officially on stping break this week. I was hoping for warmer weather, it was 70 earlier this week. It snowed this morning and I was wearing hat and gloves this afternoon! Missouri weather sucks!

I spent the better part of 4 hours last night making the cupcakes in the following pictures! They were just standard cupcakes, strawberry flavored, with chocolate and buttercream frostings. Can we say sugar rush?! My cousin is getting married in about 6 weeks and we had her bridal shower today! Her colors are pink and brown, so these fit perfect. My younger brother, who notices nothing, even complimented them last night. I made them at my parents' house, I had to help her get other stuff prepared for the shower today. I love these cupcakes, they turned out even better than I had expected. My dad was impressed that I could make a rose out of frosting!
At the shower in a cupcake tree!
At my parents' house, on the counter.
A top view at my parents' house, on the counter.
These were a big hit. Well, we decided the date for my other cousin's baby shower, so I have to get to work on her shower gifts!!!


Olive Bladvak said...

Those are beautiful cupcakes! Wow!

I'm looking forward to spring break too...3 more weeks! Ack!

Jenean said...

Beautiful, beautiful!! I'm a cake maker too, so I can definitely appreciate. I need to practice my roses, though :) Great job!!