Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My owl has arrived!!!!

I received my owl yesterday!! What a way to start spring break! Boy did Lady Felula the Forgetful, Gryffindor house, spoil the heck out of me! Here is a picture of everything, I received two beautiful sock yarns, one in book colors and one in movie colors (which I cannot show my sister, as I know that she will beg me to make her socks with it!) I can't wait to begin my new pair of socks, a beautiful bag (which did not want it's picture taken, I tried to take an individual picture and it was being stubborn!), a set of Clover size 2 dpns, stitch markers that spell out RAVENCLAW, needle point protectors that are sock shaped, a dragon like in Goblet of Fire (which is going on my desk at school Monday morning), a wonderful candle (which is not pictured, it parked itself in my bathroom, lighting the way!) and 7 patterns, I think!!!! I cannot wait to begin my socks. I do have to finish my baby shower gifts, as it is in 3 weeks, but then socks, here I come!!! Thank you so much Felula!
Here's a picture of my whole package!
Here is a picture of my sock yarns, Merino wool, yummy!

I meant to post this yesterday, but I misplaced my camera cord! My mom is spending the night tomorrow night or I guess now tonight seeing it is after 1am, so my apartment has to be mom clean!! I put my cord in my knitting basket, imagine that, in my haste to clean up!

Eewww, I am taping Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, I show this in my Nutrition classes when we are talking about cultural influences on food, he just ate a fish heart, RAW! I could never have his job. I thought I was a brave eater until I started watching this show!

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